Thursday, February 27, 2020

Harley Davidson marketing plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Harley Davidson marketing plan - Essay Example This study aims to provide a complete marketing plan and strategy for bringing Harley on the UK market segment. The plan is to include marketing principles, tools and models to bring effective outcomes for the future market growth and valuation. The study will analyze the segments of environment, market structure, competition and organizations key functions to comprise a deliberate market plan for the respective three years period. The study will include two parts, the first will have a market analysis and the second will have the actual plan to get applied on the market circumstances (Grant, 2004). Company Profile and Background Harley-Davidson mostly symbolized by H-D is an American based company, heading forward since the start of 20th century with Harley Classic Motorbikes. With a strong market share of 10.77 Billion, the brand is on its march in the United States market, a market where the brand took its origin and got recognized from the very first Harley lovers (Leffingwell, 2 003). The specialty lies in the Harley heavy-bikes and Harley classic models which are on an esteem of Harley patrons. It is one of the brands that survived the period of low quality control and competition from the Japanese rivalries, which shows corporation’s diversified approach to deal with market challenges (Grant, 2004). A distinctive class like a class of luxury stands out for the upcoming models of Harley motorbikes. This shows that there is a strong commitment which Harley customers show to Harley products and services (Grant, 2004). According to Jim Ziemer (Former President at Harley Davidson Inc), â€Å"It is a unique brand that is built on personal relationship and deep connections with customers, unmatched riding experiences, and proud history† (Qumer & Purkayastha, 2012). It is in the trend and culture of Harley Davidson that they have been producing designer based luxury bikes. In Harley’s models there is an exclusivity of heavyweight, cruiser, to uring and custom motorbikes, which are always overwhelming and astonishing for the luxury bike lovers. With heavy design attribute, Harley has been able to inspire the motorbike brand industry, as the designs are enough to amaze and surprise the motorbike branders (Leffingwell, 2003). The design includes heavy customization, which has become Harley’s attraction point for selling its new brand models. No matter where Harley has been intruding like in Argentina, Aruba, Germany, Australia, Chile, China or Costa rice, there heavyweight design attribute has been the trade mark to lead out the brand on diversified markets (Walker & Broughton, 2010). It is one culture that started from classic Harleys (early 20th century) and then transferred to second and third generations of Harley Davidson motorbikes (Scott, 2008). With the rise there has been falls too which Harley experienced in its business journey. It was the year 2009, when reports indicated a loss of US$ 55.1 million in Har ley Davidson m

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